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Compelling Reasons Why You Need Independent Senior Living

I’ll try to get back to you if your future nurse Oh lone-term care obviously its long-term% of them that aren’t doing therapy is there to live out. The rest of their life it is their home it’s you know where they’re going to stay until they passed away there’s you.

I mean they might change facilities Independent Senior Living  they may go to a different nursing home maybe closer to their family or some kind of you know setting that’s comparable and similar but they’re not going anywhere unless they’re you know leaving with the funeral.

Home services sorry um don mean to be blunt but that’s just you now how it’s set up you know because-their families can no longer take care of them assisted living you know.

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They ‘re still able to do a Independent Senior Living large portion themselves obviously they may need some assistance with bathing or their laundry any obviously they eat their meals there so maybe they can’t cook three meals a day so we got that covered for them but there’s also the chance and I mean pretty much.

The reality that they are going to  decline Independent senior living at some point whether it be you know their Alzheimer’s dementia start staging or.

They may be experienced stroke or cardiac problems where there needing you know more skilled are Independent Senior Living we cannot provide any wound care and assisted living home health can come and do that for them oh that’s-another thing I want to hit on I’m at the end here reminds me.