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Department stores these are Salon products all fantastic product sand they’re definitely worth checking out most of them are styling products except for this this is a hair mask and this is what.

I’ve been using right now actually instead of conditioner I just shampoo my hair with my drugstore favorite shampoos and then I use this hair mask and it smells so good you can find a sets of four out of.

The brand Hasbro ego and this is the don’t despair repair masque the name of it is super cute the first time.

I tried it I got sample of it in the like the free three samples that you can get with yourselves order Salon Products  absolutely loved it thesis an awesome awesome product and the best part about.

It is that it’s all natural it doesn’t have any silicone it doesn’t have any parables it doesn’t have any synthetic colors or fragrances it’s got a vac auto oil.

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peachy scent it’s beautiful apricot or peach one of those things maybe both don’t need it just put it in your hair and you will thank professional salon products me later this is awesome.

Salon Products

A very fine thin hair and even though this is quite a rich mask it does Salon Products not weigh my hair down it rinse this nice and clean I try to leave.

It soak in if you have a super damaged hair it’s worth checking out at semaphore i guess i will Salon Products continue showing you the hair product sin the order that i would use.

Them the next product is the sickening tonic Ayurveda and i was a very loyal fan of revolutionizing tonic back in the day that was my go-to voluminous product this thickening tonic is so good you.