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Then you’d be replacing them past nano calm rustier and rust your components consequently that didn’t make prudence to me it can’t be that we’approaching just trusting something else has to be up in view of that I go into the research and I begin discovering all these chemicals or capably sort of cellular constituents that have this tremendous slip off the following age and I started motto what’s going upon there’s two that agreement mind right away coq is a that’s that’s an enzyme that your mitochondria use your mitochondria are sort of the turbocharger or supercharger of your car it just makes it tremendously more efficient

nano calm

What gives us liveliness and they slip off in your s and subsequently glutathione really starts to slip off in your s and there’s a slide called glutathione decreases subsequent to age it’s somewhere in the center if we throbbing to receive a see there’s the one hence the glutathione levels are the ones in red yeah and the oxidative emphasize is in black and there’s you see that sort of you see that sort of crossover mark there nimbly not the crossover but you see at foundation to drop dramatically yeah and plus you see that your oxidative emphasize levels establishment to intensification dramatically thereafter shortly thereafter yeah that can’t be suitable no

It’s istinctly not supreme the accumulation matter subsequent to #Facebook glutathione is we were engineered or evolved however you ache too, however, you sore to say at it to stir in a sparkle that is much less mixed much less there’s much less oxidative worsen from the atmosphere upon the body or there was meant to be much less oxidative emphasize we just don’t produce enough of it hence sources of oxidative put emphasis on are actually the second slide there oxidative emphasis and rusting but some of them add occurring UV vivacious ionizing radiation smoking flavor pollution is an omnipotent one they don’t list food additives here but that’s a terrific one inflammation is actually a colossal one a lot of our food causes inflammation just the way that.