Digital business card Works Only Under These Conditions

Now again on the free account you can connect beacons but you can’t do the custom URL so you can’t do the custom URL like I have it will just generate one for you that’s really like the only difference so if you wanted to pay for it to have unlimited beacons on the on the service its $ and you were just digital business card basically after you sign up just choose that plan and that will be the $ a year plan so basically two dollars a month you can have up to beacons all redirecting with stats hitting your hitting your individual pages with your social shares and everything basically.

That you want to do to order to track and performance so with a free service again you can put beacons on there with the with the with the hours a year service you can do up to and if you hit we need to go up will increase it no big deal so as you see that’s what you get and that’s how the business cart works so with your with your platform you’re basically what’s your business cart you’ll be able to track your business card see the analytics see what’s going down just basically just a great way to use your business card so again the business card the business card when they click to proceed automatically goes there boom your business card pops up.

people are loving it they’re calling you they’re able to save it so it’s a really great way to beam it out and again this is going out to people all day long it’s just being broadcast broadcast broadcast you know you’re putting your message out there as you see you can have your website multiple addresses Facebook Twitter Skype your YouTube channel your calendar the calendar is visnesscard very important too you can even have your shopping link in here so if you have a store they can connect directly to your store through your business card so for bucks you’re gonna have your either beacon or your beacon band we’re gonna have your card designed for you again we’re acting as a concierge on your behalf so we design it set it up we get your email signature everything up and running for you.