Why hemp oil Is No Friend To Small Business

Fifty and a hundred milligram it’s available in a Kerri k-cup super convenient super convenient or for people who don’t have the carriage machine we do a single serve pod which you can put in an auto brewer or if you wanted to be creative you could french press it really do whatever you want got it cool okay so you said and milligrams so those aren’t light amounts right I guess is sort of the base but you get to or is it a strong experience you know.

It you Hemp Oil know it I think people bury with the head affect you know for some people is too much for some people you know a hundred is too light so really it’s just kind of finding you know what’s good for you as an individual you know so that you’re getting the medicating effect that you want or the head effect or whatever you’re looking for in the product one of the reasons that we did the milligram is because there are a lot of people who maybe don’t have that strong tolerance or they’re not regular cannabis users you know and we wanted to give them an alternative.

We liked what they were doing in Colorado from the adult use market Washington as well we thought that it would be a good alternative here in California yeah definitely I mean I think that’s the best kind of school of thought here is if you don’t have a lot of experience with I must start with a small amount and and base it on what your experience.

level absolutely you know it it’s hard with edibles you know the packaging sometimes is confusing you know even like with chocolates or some of the other ones you know it’s broken up into smaller squares but a lot of times you don’t know if you’re supposed to eat one each and everybody’s made that mistake yes yeah I think my first experience was with the Diva bar and yeah I got into it a little bit too hard and you know I had my watch I was timing it and I wanted to see how long it took before.

Although the effect really kicked in you’re just kind of doing some research yeah our product yeah it was about the minute market in awhile and then just all held back loose in your brain yeah and is it a similar kind of experience I mean how does it sort of get you with the coffee for me it’s different I think for me it to put the coffee or the tea it hits quicker I don’t know.