The always repeating history, read it and live it!

History is continuously repeating we cannot see it because its along period tale to see that, if you really want to see your future first read the recreating-history and then you automatically see your future, it’s quite confusing right! But I will simplify this to you recreating-history.

First off all where it all begins no one knew that but we have quite information about it how it all started and how we become what we are today! Let’s start with the human kind where we are coming from? We are a better version of apes agree? And apes are better version of monkeys’ right? So what is that? That’s an evolution of becoming a human from the monkey. And what we learn from this information? After a many 50000decades we evolutes from monkey to human, isn’t it interesting!!!

 But the most interesting is that we are more informative than the others and more intelligent so what is a future of our humankind is there any answer in our history about this question? Yes, there is a answer and answer is next human kind is more informative and more intellectual and more intelligent than us as simple as that. We don’t know the shape of it or not know how much intelligent are they will be but we have information is they will ultimately grow what we are now they are better than this for sure. But that evolution we have to wait for at least 50000decades. Funny enough to imagine that.

 The present history

Our nearer history tells us interesting things and how to live our lives, but we are humans and we have our brains’ to us it so, that’s why we will not walk on way that somebody else created right? No wrong because we have to follow the books of all religions like bible Geeta Quran.   This are the religious book which are teaches us to how we can live our lives.

But as we are we will ignore all the history and live our lives we want to live and that are a present human kind for me.